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News Update - 14 November 2016

Update on the Congressional investigation & other news, 14 November 2016



News Release 26 August 2016

Douglas Starr, Co-Director Graduate Program in Science Journalism, Boston University, wrote an excellent profile of our history, mission, and climate work in Science.

Starr, Douglas: “The carbon accountant: Richard Heede pins much of the responsibility for climate change on just 90 companies, others think that’s a cop-out,” Science, 353:858-861, 26Aug16.

Download the article here:

For press inquiries, please contact Kyle Moler, M+R,, 202-478-6173.

For science, law, and policy questions, please contact:

Carroll Muffett: President & CEO, Center for International Environmental Law;

Peter C. Frumhoff Ph.D. Director of Science and Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists, Cambridge; Media contact: Ashley Siefert, Energy Communications Officer 202-331-5666

Naomi Oreskes, Professor of the History of Science, and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University;

Richard Heede will be on holiday from 27 August through 7 September with intermittent access to phone and email. Feel free to contact me — and +1-970-343-0707, or the above contacts meanwhile. I will respond once I am back in the office.



News Release - 1 June 2016

The Climate Accountability Institute, on the advice of counsel and in cooperation with our colleagues at Union of Concerned Scientists and other collaborating organizations and charitable foundations, has declined the request from the U.S. House of Representatives’s Committee on Science, Space, and Technology to provide all documents and communications relating to certain projects and publications conducted by the Institute, by the State of New York Office of the Attorney General, other State Attorneys General, and other NGOs and foundations working on corporate accountability for climate change.

Response to USHR SST Committee on behalf of Union of Concerned Scientists

John Schwartz: State Officials Investigated Over Their Inquiry Into Exxon Mobil's Climate Change Research, New York Times, 19 May 2016.

Zahra Hirji: Group of Republicans Assail Climate Fraud Investigations, Inside Climate News, 19 May 2016.


The Institute was established by Richard Heede, Naomi Oreskes, and Greg Erwin as a non-profit research and educational organization.

The Climate Accountability Institute engages in research and education on anthropogenic climate change, dangerous interference with the climate system, and the contribution of fossil fuel producers' carbon production to atmospheric carbon dioxide content. This encompasses the science of climate change, the civil and human rights associated with a stable climate regime not threatened by climate-destabilizing emissions of greenhouse gases, and the risks, liabilities, and disclosure requirements regarding past and future emissions of greenhouse gases attributable to primary carbon producers.

Our vision is for a world protected from the social, economic, and environmental damages of climate change.

Our mission is to use climate accountability as a fulcrum for climate stewardship.

Our strategy is to leverage accountability by carbon producers into using their skills, capital, and resources to aid rather than oppose the transition to a low-carbon or zero-carbon energy future.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Carbon Majors results. For more information please go here. For Publications go here.

"In my view, staying out of the fray is not taking the 'high ground'; it is just passing the buck."
—Steve Schneider Memorial Forum, Boulder, August 2011.

News Update 1 December 2015
The Climate Accountability Institute announces a new paper: Heede and Oreskes (2015) Potential emissions of CO2 and methane from proved reserves of fossil fuels: An alternative analysis, Global Environmental Change.

News Update August 2015
The Climate Accountability Institute announces a new paper by Frumhoff, Heede, & Oreskes: The climate responsibilities of industrial carbon producers.

A "powerful, and gutsy" paper — Denis Hayes, Bullitt Foundation

News Update December 3, 2014
The Climate Accountability Institute is today releasing an update of the
Carbon Majors Project — detailing the emissions traced to the major industrial carbon producers in the oil, natural gas, coal, and cement industries — through the year 2013
Papers and charts available here.

News Update December 15, 2014
The Climate Accountability Institute is today releasing an analysis of
global fossil fuel and cement emissions of CO2 since 1751 that calculates
the proportion emitted since 1988 ‹ when the evidence and risks of
human-caused warming first became widely known.
Papers and charts available here.


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