CAI’s work is “powerful and gutsy.”

Denis Hayes, President & CEO, Bullitt Foundation

Our Core Work

Communication and publicity on climate accountability, climate damages, and climate solutions to individuals and groups working in economics, GHG inventories, fossil fuels, climate and energy policy, stranded assets and fossil reserves, law, ethics and philosophy, climate science, investing & divesting, insurance, shareholder activism, corporate accountability, finance, gadfly work, and thought-leaders around the world. We will continue our publicity work, write op-eds, engage through social media, and give media interviews.

We work collaboratively with like-minded colleagues at Union of Concerned Scientists, Oxford University, CDP, Center for International Environmental Law, and other organizations.

Research & thinking on the nature and attribution of responsibility for climate change (a challenge to the conventional notion that consumers are responsible); quantify the potential emissions from proved recoverable reserves held by the Carbon Majors; design a pathway for actions and investments a responsible fossil fuel company should take; create a metric for mandated (or voluntary) net emission reductions via Carbon Capture and Storage or other verifiable offsets informed by historic contributions to global emissions, production levels, and the remaining global carbon budget (such as the IPCC’s 1 TtC budget, of which no more — and probably far less — than 455 GtC remain if we are to assure remaining below 2 °C); update the Carbon Majors analysis of fossil fuel and cement production (including mergers and acquisitions, new entities that meet the 8 MtC threshold) to 2016; engage with shareholder and investor groups, climate policy experts, and industry representatives; model the temperature response to Carbon Major’s historic production and attributed emissions of carbon dioxide and methane; and provide support to numerous initiatives that show promise to moving the needle on effective action to reduce emissions around the world.